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Custom Scenery

Here you can download my sets of scenery objects and install them to use in your game. Many of these sets contain a large number of simple objects that fit together seamlessly allowing you to create unique designs & structures.

Install the sets by copying the unzipped folder to "program files\RCT3\style\Themed\". For detailed instructions, see the installation guide. For more information about the importing process, see the RCT3 Importer home.

set status description more info download
Jungle Fever
coming soon A selection of trees, plants, bushes, vines and other junglistic items. coming soon coming soon
Pinewood Supports
Moby's Pinewood Supports icon

v3 released
A collection of wooden beams designed for coaster supports but can be used for many things. Includes slanted, diagonal, and loose fitting angles that allow for many unique designs. Now with offset variants allowing for even more custom designs. more info download
v1 released A modular set of X-shaped railings. Includes many types of angles, curves, sloping and offset pieces. Recolourable, stackable, quarter-tile, with varying LODs. more info download
Curved Walls
& Floors

v2 released
A versatile curved wallset, and floor set to match. Sets are avalaible in several different textures. Allows for lots of different combinations and building styles. more info download
Glasshouse & Frameworx
Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworx

v1 released A versatile glass wallset. The glass panes are recolourable, reversable and quarter-tile, with many variations of slants and curves.   Included is a low-poly frameset to support. All very compatible. more info download
Steel Jungle
Moby's Steel Jungle
vol.1 & vol.2 released Two flexible sets of steel bars popular for coaster supports. All quarter tile & recolourable. v2 is a seperate set containing thicker steel bars. more info download

v1 released Includes a customisable truck-mounted crane, and some other construction equipment. more info download
Arcade Games
Moby's Arcade Games
v1 released Contains accurate recreations of classic arcades such as Pac-Man, original arcades I've designed, and other items.
more info download
Armageddon CS
v1 released A small selection of sci-fi scenery, with some detailed objects and animated textures. more info download
more info

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